In 2018 I was lucky enough to design Rutland Aesthetics new concept surgery. My brief was to re-imagine the physical space of the private health service. This started by interrogating Rutland Aesthetics core values; client focused, bespoke, discreet, medi-spa and luxurious were all great starting blocks. Inspiration was taken from a mixture of spa's, hotel's and industry leading pharmacies in New York, selecting ideas from the best of these within colour pallets and materials. Zoning the space with soothing tones and a personalised product display defines the treatment and consultation area which removes the client's anxiousness of the unknown.


Designed to focus on the client, the clinic offers bespoke treatments within a warm, inviting and luxurious surrounding. Gone are the days of a cold, chemical-scented, intimidating space.


Welcome to Rutland Aesthetics! 


Interior Design





"high-spec, purpose-built clinic offers a professional, discreet and relaxing environment"


- Rutland Living, (October 2018) 

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Rutland Aesthetics 

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