As a designer, maker, installation artist and research student, the process of reflecting on how my practice has developed as a result of my own unique past intrigued me. I am curious of how our histories imprint on our own individual experience. In my work, my concepts and installations are merely a starting point to allow each visitor their own phenomenological experience whilst questioning the traditional art aesthetic. I encourage physical interaction as a tool for perception, and as a PhD student, I aim to find if an active exploratory approach to art has a different affect to the traditional visual interrogation of an artwork.


I take a phenomenological approach to developing the theme of an installation. Some of my previous work has been based on investigating materialism and consumerism through the use of animal bi-products and another intended to highlight a multi-perspective view of Alzheimer’s. I am currently working with a local museum to develop a 'vaccination'-based art installation. 

Due to the pandemic, large-scale installations have had to be put on hold. To continue with my research I have developed 'Beyond the Object' a range of 'post-able' experiences which can travel straight to the participant!


If you are interested in being part of my research and would like an 'experience in your living room' please contact me here.